About Garland & Pierce Title Financing

We are a local title loan company that is located in the heart of Cape Coral. We are leader in the title loan industry.

Our goal is to get you the money you need without stress and hassles. Our company will work hard to help you have a successful loan experience.

About Garland & Pierce Title Financing

How Title Loans Work

Car title loans Cape Coral aren't complicated. These loans have features that are similar to other types of loans. Here's how a typical transaction for title loans Cape Coral works.

1. Receive your loan approval decision from Garland & Pierce Title Financing.
2. Provide us with copies of your supporting documentation including your vehicle's title.
3. Sign your loan contract.
4. Receive your cash.
5. Repay the loan in equal installments.
6. Receive a copy of your vehicle's title after you repay the entire loan balance with interest.

You should know that our company will register a lien on your Florida vehicle title. Your vehicle will be used as collateral to guarantee the loan. The lien will be released shortly after we receive your final payment.

Before you sign for a car title loan contract, you should read it carefully. It is important for you to be aware of your responsibilities.

Whether your credit is excellent or in need of repair, car title loans can benefit your financial situation. Apply for a loan today.

How Title Loans Work

How to Apply for a Loan With Garland & Pierce Title Financing

From your smartphone device or your computer, you can quickly submit an application. Whether you are on your break at work or between commercials while you are watching your favorite show, you can complete an application in a few minutes.

Are you ready to get started? Here's what you'll need.

• A copy of your driver's license or state-issued ID card
•A copy of your free and clear title
•Proof of income

It's a good idea to gather these items before you apply for a loan. This will prevent any delays in your application process.

Click the 'apply' tab and provide your personal information and vehicle data. After you provide our company with your information, you will receive a call from a representative.

If you are approved for the loan, you will be provided with details about our loan's terms. Your representative will tell you the next steps that need to be taken in order to complete the process.